By Minesh Vaiwala

‘It is in the moment of decision that your destiny is shaped’. Anthony Robbins


Many years ago, there was a young man who saw and experienced nothing but struggle in his life. To say he was shy would be an understatement. He hated being around people, especially strangers. His shyness would sometimes lead to severe anxiety, often creating painful stomach cramps.

Academically, he wasn’t any better. He failed all his subjects at school, twice. Jobwise he could only apply for and get menial jobs, as he was not qualified for anything better. This young man’s life was a constant uphill struggle, full of pain, anxiety, resentment, and despair. 

He hated the situation he was in, but had no idea how to escape it. His friends and relatives would often give him advice, but none of it ever made any sense to him. For some reason, it just did not feel like the right thing to do. 

At first, he thought his situation was normal; there were many people around him who he could see were in the same boat. However, he also noticed that there were a few individuals just like him who were not very clever academically and had also struggled in life, but had now become very successful and happy.


This got him thinking, why was there a difference between these people, and more importantly, what was it? How can two individuals start in similar situations, yet end up at opposite ends of the spectrum? He decided to make it his goal to find out. This single decision changed his life.

So what did he discover? One element continued coming up repeatedly: the mind. The successful individuals had turned their lives around by changing their thought patterns. Therefore, the next question on his mind was how could he change his.

This led him on a long journey of personal growth, taking the information, and applying what he deemed relevant into his life. The result over time was an inspiring transformation. His shyness slowly diminished, and his first talk to an audience of 172 people was virtually effortless. 

In fact, it gave him a huge buzz of excitement. Now he wanted to do more, so he studied human behaviour and hypnotherapy, and all the while he continued his education through personal growth books. 

His life has turned 180 degrees from the once shy young man to a confident, positive, and successful young man. It’s amazing what one decision and one powerful question can do to someones life. This individual now feels blessed to have gained the knowledge to change lives and has made it his goal to teach, educate, and influence as many lives as possible.

You’re probably wondering how I know so much about about this young man and his amazing journey. His struggles, his pain, his triumphs. 

Well I know this because it’s me, Minesh Vaiwala.

The first question people asked me after they have heard my story is what exactly did I do to turn my life around. It was such a common question that I decided to write a book describing the process and changes that I made.

Many of my readers have dubbed this book, ‘The user manual for Life’.

It’s law of attraction Jim but not as we know it teaches you how life actually works the best, and how to make it work for you. It incorporates many of my real life examples and experiences.

Many of the products we, buy today, come with a user manual. Unfortunately life does not. Until now. You can create the life you want. It is possible to turn any situation around. So if you’re ready to take control of your life and discover how life actually works the best, I would love for you to Click the image below and buy this book.

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This was my journey, now its time to begin yours. As you read each chapter, you many perhaps notice some new awareness, a thought, a feeling, and emotion, or even aha moments. This is an indication that you are shifting from within, slowly creating a new you and a new experience, giving you a new perspective on life.

So go ahead and CLICK HERE to begin your journey. Not because I ask you to, but because you want to change your life, because you’re ready to change your life, because today, You have made ‘The Decision’ to change your life.

Author Minesh Vaiwala would like to welcome you to his world of ideas, insights, knowledge, awareness, and understandings of life as a whole. More and more people are now beginning to realise that we are far more than we believe ourselves to be. 

Education should not be merely academic, but life long. We feed our body’s daily with food, but we should also feed our minds. However, it’s what we feed our minds with that determines our physical experience. Change is a constant. We are never stuck in one place. We are always moving forwards toward something, or backwards, away from something. There is no neutral.

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Get My Autographed Book

Get My Autographed Book

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