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Decide to Change Today

If you bought something, but later found you didn’t like it, would you keep using it? Or would you Change it for something you do like? 

So why is it then that you don’t change the things you don’t like in your life? 

Why do you continue to struggle?



Our most dominant thoughts and feelings dictate what we experience in our lives. 

You do not create your desires by changing others or your environment. You create your desires by changing yourself first.

Your reality is like a mirror.

If you want the reflection in the mirror to change, you must change first and the reflection will instantly reflect that change. It has no choice because its just a reflection.

So when you change first, your situations and circumstances will change too. That’s how you create. That’s how life works.

Author:  Minesh Vaiwala


Hi, I am Minesh Vaiwala.

Author of ‘It’s Law Of Attraction Jim but not as we know it’. 



This book describes how life actually works the best,

and how to make it work for you.

More and more people around the world are beginning to realise that we are far more than the physical existence we find ourselves in. Just as we feed our body’s daily with food, so too should we feed our minds as well.

However, its what we feed our minds with, that determine our physical experience. Unfortunately, many people have found themselves unconsciously programmed to believe that life is a struggle, that it’s painful, that it’s difficult, or that it’s not fair.

If you are living with this belief, you need to change the program.

Change is a constant. We are never stuck in one place. We are always moving forwards or backwards depending on what we believe is true for us. There is no neutral. 

So many people simply live an existence, not a life. They follow the same menial pattern every single day. Wishing for a better this, and a better that. Not knowing specifically what they want out of life.

Within us all, there is an amazing power, energy, or source. The name really doesn’t matter. This power can allow us to create our desired life, but only when utilised correctly.

It’s like a recipe. Follow a recipe correctly and you can create delicious food. Miss out an ingredient, or swap one for something else, and the recipe no longer gives you the results you expected.

Creating your ideal life is the same. Follow the process correctly and diligently, and you will see results. We don’t have to learn how to do this because we are already doing it.

We’re already creating our life. But more often than not, it’s unconscious, because we haven’t decided specifically what it is that we desire from life. 

If you don’t have a target, how can you hit it?

If you don’t have a destination, how will you get there?

If you don’t have a desire, how will you ever achieve it?

It is my vision and desire to educate individuals like you who are ready to make that shift in their lives. Who want to be guided to achieve their desires.


Firstly, you must be ready and willing to learn. Willing to learn new information and principles that will alter the programming in your mind.

Next, you must be willing to Accept the new information and be prepared to apply and Change accordingly.

If you want to change the results in your life, you must be willing to change.

Being teachable and ready to learn means you Must be ready and willing to Re-Learn some principles and concepts, because your present Ideas, are Not working for you. Makes sense right?

So if you are NOT yet ready to learn and change, I’m sorry I can’t help you. And the following information will be of no benefit to you.

However, if you ARE ready and willing to learn and change, then congratulations on your decision. You are ready to continue with the following information. 

Deliberate creation and the law of attraction has inspired and fascinated countless number of people for many years now. The idea of being able to create your desired life has profoundly changed the possibilities and beliefs of its followers.

Yet so many find it difficult to understand and implement this concept to generate actual results. Perhaps you’re one of them.


It’s Law Of Attraction Jim but not as we know it.

By Minesh Vaiwala




Imagine this for a moment. If you weren’t so frustrated, struggling, and stressed out in your life right now, how would you like your life to be different?

Where would you like to live? 

What car would you like to drive?

Who would you like to spend time with?

What would you like to have achieved in your career or business?

Where would you like to travel to?

Did you know that people tend to spend more time planning a two week holiday than they do planning their life.

As you have decided that you are ready and willing to learn new concepts and principles, and ready and willing to change your internal programming, this paperback book is just perfect for you.

As you read this book, it will change your perception and understanding of how life actually works as a whole. You see, life is not physical as such, but an illusion.

This clarity will allow you to adjust your thinking processes and ultimately your beliefs and behaviours to create more positive outcomes in your life.

This in turn will allow you to be happier and feel good about yourself and life in general, which is primarily what we all want.

The first few chapters integrate the foundations for change. It is paramount that you understand these insights before you can begin the creation process.

This book teaches you the method of creation through the processes of the mind. Explaining why, and more importantly, how this process works, in an easy to understand, down to earth way. It is short, easy to read, and to the point. 

As you read each chapter, you may perhaps notice some new awareness, a thought, a feeling, an emotion, or even aha moments.

This is the signal that your thought patterns are shifting from within, slowly creating a new you and a new experience, giving you a new perspective on life.  

You cannot solve a problem with the same mind that created it. Your internal programming has to change for you to change. This book will teach you how. 

Reading this far means you are teachable and ready to change. So…

I'm Ready to Change


Not so fast.

I want to know that this is going to be worth my time and investment. What do your readers say about this?

Here’s their response…

‘This book is great Minesh. It’s like you have written a user manual for the mind.’

-S. Croft


‘I thought this was just another self help book. How wrong I was. Amazing.’

-G. Heath


‘The compilation of knowledge in this book truly does stimulate ones mind. An exceptional read.’

-A. Stevens


‘This certainly is an alternative view to the law of attraction. The processes described make so much sense.’

-C. Wilson


‘I read this book and took the 30 day challenge. Things have started to change in my life. I’m speechless.’

-N. Andrews


‘Very skeptical about this kind of topic. But after reading it, it was a thought provoking experience.’

-B. Hawthorne





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‘This book will change the way you view life. A must read.’

-G. Nelson


‘What is reality? This chapter really opened my eyes. Brilliant.’

-B. Benson


‘This book can help you to a more stress free and happier life, with a few small significant changes in the way we think, feel and act. An excellent read.’

-T. Green


‘I’ve read many books on this topic. In my opinion, its one of the best. I’m looking forward to seeing it on the best seller list. A must buy for a life changing experience.’

-S. Lewis


‘Who’d have thought such small adjustments in our thinking and behaviour could change a person’s life.’

-L. Reed


‘Beautifully expressed. A philosophy for life. It has changed my perception and view of life as a whole.’

-M. Ashcroft


‘Bless you Minesh for this amazing book.’

-F. Brooke


‘Your philosophy is correct. It is all in the mind. A recommended read.’

-B. Openshaw


‘This book makes so much sense at such a deep level. A must read.’

-O. Johnson

It's Law Of Attraction Jim but not as we know it




‘If you want to discover how life actually works, and how to create the life you want, read this book.’

-D. Mistry


‘A brilliant book for discovering an alternative process to the law of attraction.’

-C. Taylor


‘The insights proposed in this book are not just beneficial to personal growth, but to business growth too. I’ve used this personally in my business and experienced results.’

-A. Stubbs


‘This book is my happy pill. I feel so good everytime I read it.’

-R. Hodgson


‘Never judge a book by its cover. But I did, and I’m so glad I did. What an eye opener. Your wisdom is certainly worth understanding.’

-J. Murphy


‘This book certainly describes the law of attraction process. But the simplicity and ease in which you explain it is amazing.’

-J. Tank

‘I’ve always struggled to make the law of attraction work for me. It’s been two months since I read your book and began implementing your suggestions. I’m delighted to report I’m finally getting actual results.’

-B.B. Jones

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‘I love this book. So intelligently written in such a simple, easy to understand language. I discover something new every time I read it.’

-K. Lawson


‘I suffer from depression and have been in therapy for many years. I was given your book by a friend as a birthday present. All I want to say is this book has helped me more than the many years of therapy I’ve had. My life has changed dramatically in just a few months. My desire is to be completely free from the symptoms of depression, and I believe I will achieve this very soon. My deepest love to you and thank you.’

-V. Doyle


‘Hats off to you Minesh for this great book. So easy to understand.’

-H. Patel


‘Every child should read this book. It will teach them how life actually works, and so reduce their stress and struggle in adult life.’

-Susan. K.


‘I’ve read many law of attraction books. In my opinion, this one is the easiest to understand and implement.’

-D. Rodgers

‘My business has finally began to grow after coming very close to bankruptcy. The only thing I did differently was to follow the process described in this book. A God send.’

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‘Over the years, I have failed miserably attempting to understand and implement the law of attraction. Your book has made life so much more easier for me. and yes, your recommended process is producing results.’

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‘Cannot recommend this book highly enough. Just awesome.’

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‘Changing your life starts with reading this book. Period.’

-C. Rose


‘Feeling so privileged to have come across this wonderful book. It has certainly given me so much food for thought. Keep up the good work Minesh.’

-V. Callum


‘If there’s one book I would recommend to anyone to read this year, it’s this one. It’s a life changer.’

-H. McDonald


‘Stop struggling, start living, by reading and implementing the processes of this book.’

-P. Parsons


‘If the law of attraction isn’t working for you, get this book. So beautifully written and expressed.’

-J. Phoenix


‘If life is not working for you, buy this book. It will show you why, and what to do about it.’

-D. Burns

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That’s okay. It’s your life so if you wish to continue with the way things are, that’s fine. I’m not here to tell you what to do. I’m only here to guide you and show you a path to overcome your struggles and pain. It’s your decision whether you take that path or not.

‘It is in the moment of Decision that your destiny is shaped’.

-Anthony Robbins

Only you will know when you’re ready to change and release the struggle in your life. I don’t want you to Buy This Book based on what I say, or what my readers say. I want you to Buy This Book because you have decided for yourself that you Want To change now.

Usually, when people become sick and tired of being sick and tired, they Change.



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