Minesh VaiwalaHi, I’m Minesh Vaiwala, author of ‘It’s law of attraction Jim but not as we know it’. An alternative process to making the law of attraction work for you. I’d like to welcome you to my world of ideas, knowledge, insights, awareness, and understandings of life as a whole. 

More and more people around the world are beginning to realise that we are far more than the physical existence we find ourselves in. Education should not be merely academic, but life long. We feed our body’s everyday with food, but we should also feed our minds. However, its what we feed our minds with that determine our physical experience. 

Unfortunately, many people have found themselves unconsciously programmed to believe that life is a struggle, that it’s painful, that it’s difficult, that it’s not fair.

Change is a constant. We are never stuck in one place. We are always moving towards something, or away from something. There is no neutral.

So many people simply live an existence, not a life. They follow the same menial pattern every single day. Wishing for a better this and a better that. Not knowing specifically what they want out of life.

Within us all, there is an amazing power, energy, or source. The name really doesn’t matter. This power can allow us to create our desired life, but only when used correctly. It’s like a recipe. If you follow a recipe correctly, you can create delicious food. Miss out an ingredient, or swap one for something else, and the recipe no longer gives you the results you expected.

Creating your ideal life is the same. Follow the process correctly and diligently and you will see results. We don’t have to learn how to do this because we’re already doing it. We’re already creating our life. But more often than not, it’s unconscious, because we haven’t decided specifically what it is that we desire from life.